Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Jigsaw Jam Swap

I've recently been involved in a jigsaw jam swap and got my final piece back this morning.
Thank you very much to Angie, Jinny, Wendy, Sherry and Trudy for some fantastic jiggy bits. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.
I photographed it on black mountboard but intend to do a canvas for it over the next few weeks. I can't decide what colour background it needs at the moment, although I'm swinging towards black with bits of copper and gold.
I'll put a piccy up once I've finished it.


Trudy said...

that looks fantastic...did'nt we do well

Maureen said...

Didn't you all do well , that's a great piece of work - maureen x


That looks absolutely stunning.
And i do like your idea for the background, black, gold etc.
That would reeeeally set it off.

Angie said...

Sian , this is a stunning , i agree with Margaret, black and gold sounds fab

catharinas-love said...

Great work !
I also love to do this !
Rini - the Netherlands