Monday, 10 March 2008

Lacking in Inspiration

After two weeks of feeling grotty, I'm finding myself completely lacking in inspiration. I've hardly made anything in all that time and now I'm starting to feel a little bit better but my inspiration has gone!

I made these three ATCs yesterday for a woman themed swap. The first one is rubber stamped on a distress ink background, the middle one is rubber stamped on an inked background with acrylic paint and distress inks around the edges, and the last one has a textured background (using different types of mesh and heated PVA and acrylic), with the image stamped into Makin's clay. I painted over the top with acrylic paint and then went over that with metallic rub-on.

I now need to do some painted ATCs (not my strong point) and don't know where to start!

1 comment:

duckface said...

three totally awesome cards - i adore your work