Sunday, 13 April 2008

Lucky Jim

Firstly, I will say in his defence, that that is his FOREFINGER he's holding up!
This is an altered poker chip on an aluminium mesh background edged with copper tape (a necessity because the mesh has very sharp edges), and is another possible entry for Nicks' ABSA (alternative background, something altered) swap. I still need to make a couple more before I decide which ones I'm putting in. I think this is a great swap and Nicks is very mean for only letting us do two!
I have distressed the poker chip using a PVA/acrylic wash which I've rubbed hard to make it peel a bit, and then a metallic rub-on over the top. I've added legs and the left arm made from beads and wire. The right arm is an old pen nib with copper wire wrapped around it, and the head is moulded Makin's clay painted with copper acrylic paint and a black PVA/acrylic wash.
Only the poker chip is attached, so the other bits move around - he just decided to cross his legs while I was taking his picture. I've decided to call him Lucky Jim.


Glitterpuss said...

Wow Sian

Your ideas are amazing - this is so different. I really like it.

Trudy said... sure it his FOREFINGER he's holding up! love it

Nicks said...

ooooo loving him!

Nicks said...

Oooo I got him!

carylsrealm said...

Wow! Fabulous stuff here!