Sunday, 25 May 2008


I am not happy. I was in the middle of making a Friendly Plastic ATC and I was really enjoying myself, and then my heat gun decided to die so I've had to stop (and yes, I've tried changing the fuse).

This will probably sound ridiculous to some people, but I absolutely cannot live without my heat gun. I use it for everything, so I feel like somebody's chopped my arm off right now. Bleh! (And I have an unfinished ATC which I was really enjoying doing and now I'm sitting here feeling grumpy instead).

Anyway, looking on the bright side, my heat gun (before it died on me) was one of the really blowy ones and I've wanted one of the non-blowy ones for ages, and now I've got the excuse I need to get one. Why the silly thing had to die the day before a Bank Holiday though I really don't know. How inconvenient! The only place that sells heat guns around here is Hobbycraft and they only have the blowy ones, so I've had to order one online. The good news is I found a website that has 10% off over the Bank Holiday weekend, well, if I spend over £25.00 anyway, which meant I had to buy some Grungeboard too (well I couldn't miss out on the discount, could I?)


Mooneybeams said...

Liking that justification! Hope your new heat gun arrives soon - can't have you without your right arm, can we? Maybe a hairdryer on a really low setting would do in the mean time?

Nicks said...

you did need a non blowy... but you also need a blowy one as well, so glad it's working again!
and....... you deffo need grungeboard, so all is well in the world!

PS.......... I totally understand your depths of despair when you spent a whole night without a heat gun!

My name is CINDY...... said...

Gosh couldn't live without my heat gun either!! Mine never seems to make it back into the drawer so sits permanently plugged in in my kitchen in case I have to do some emergency embossing.