Saturday, 24 May 2008

More ATCs

These are a couple I did on Thursday night, with my inspiration (I hope) beginning to come back. I don't think these are some of my best work but thought I'd show them to everyone anyway, (it's the exhibitionist in me). The blue one has a background made with reinkers and clingfilm. I've added mesh, seed beads, Friendly Plastic, buttons, fibres, and the owl image was created using the caught in crystal (acetate and tissue paper) technique.

The lilac ATC has a background made using felt tip pens and a water spray and I've added mesh, metal shavings, fusible fibres, dyed linen fibres, wool, sticky ribbons, Friendly Plastic and a big gem, (LOL, I didn't realise how much stuff I'd used on this one until I came to list it!).

1 comment:

PBird said...

They look great to me! and ahem, I have to tell you its not called caught in crystal, it is messy acetate lol, just ask Garden Gal xx
I didnt get to patent it in time :)