Wednesday, 18 June 2008

An Altered Microscope Slide, Alcohol Inks and Stamping into UTEE

First flowers, now pink! I'm not sure what's going on here. Anyway, to make this one, I made an alcohol inked background and stuck it onto mountboard. I then stamped the image onto a microscope slide, alcohol inked the back of it and wrapped it in aluminium mesh. I added three layers of UTEE over the alcohol inked background, dropped the mesh-wrapped slide into it and then stamped the writing at the side into the UTEE. The writing has a slightly faded appearance because I used Stazon ink and had to ink up the stamp before I heated the UTEE due to the time constraints of having to drop the slide into the UTEE AND stamp into it before it cooled. I was originally planning to drop the accent beads into the UTEE as well, but didn't have time to do this before it cooled (and my stamp was in the way), and I didn't want to risk reheating before I stamped in case I cracked the slide (although in retrospect that might have given a nice effect in itself). I added the accent beads when it had cooled using PVA glue and then added the paper flowers (yes, I'm still at it), and attached them with brads. This is another possible contender for the mesh swap.

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Gwen (Minimaker) said...

Brilliant work Sian, (Pink or not, lol) and I do so love accent beads.