Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Black and White

I made these ATCs this afternoon for a black and white themed swap I've joined. I love working with black and white because I think it's something that very few people (myself included) do really well and I enjoy the challenge.
The two top ones are simply stamped and collaged, with stamped baclgrounds and images.

The bottom ATC was originally intended to be stamped into UTEE but didn't turn out very well. I was looking for a stamp that I thought would work well with half black on white and half white on black. It does as you can see,
but what I failed to take into account was how well it would work (or not work) with the UTEE, and the stamp was far too detailed to work well with the UTEE. I'm not one to throw anything away if I can help it, so I ended up with a stamped image on a UTEE background, embellished with some more of my new flowers.



Fantastic pieces of Work, and love the collection of 'tat' Lol above.

Gwen (Minimaker) said...

These are great Sian, x

Anneke said...

these atc,s are so gorgeous and i love the blue colors

Viola said...

Look all so great!!!