Sunday, 29 June 2008

Pen and Ink with a Splash of Colour

These are some ATCs I've done for a swap being hosted by Helen on the DoCrafts forum. The ATCs for the swap have to be drawn in pen and ink with a splash of colour and only one colour is allowed.
My ATCs are pen and ink with a little bit of watercolour. I know they're not the best drawings in the world, but I have never drawn in pen and ink before, not even at school, so these are the first ones I've ever done (and I know my perspective is rather wonky on the frog).
I was originally going to post a picture of just the bottom three as those are the ones I like best, but I thought it would be more interesting to show a picture of all of them in the order I did them, as looking at them I think you can actually see how I've progressed and got a bit better at it as I've become more used to the new medium. (Feel free to tell me if you disagree, LOL!)
I've really enjoyed doing these, so think I will probably have to do some more. I need the practice anyway!
Oh, I should perhaps just mention that it's the photo that's not straight and not my ATCs. One day I will learn to take a decent photo!


Dee said...

These are brilliant. The toadstool and snail are my faves. Dee xx

Shaz said...

these are wonderful sian, Id love to be able to draw but afraid im useless lol

Jan said...

Wonderful drawings Sian - great talent

Katherine said...


My name is CINDY...... said...

OMG!! These are stunning Sian. Wish I could draw. Jan's already said it but I will second it - you have great talent girl!!