Monday, 28 July 2008

I Dare You Swap: Carol's Challenge

This is my final "I Dare You" challenge for Carol. Carol challenged me to make her a mini journal in pink, a real challenge for me as pink is definitely not my colour! I decided to do this as a concertina using a single piece of card and decorating both sides. The whole thing is coloured using three colours of distress inks. On the front page, I've inked the main pink card and also a piece of torn cream card. I added gold Cosmic Shimmer spray to the background, added some mesh, printed words and some Makin's Clay letters which I've painted and covered with metallic rub-on and finally some paper flowers.
On the inside pages I've used similar letters made from Makins Clay and various printed images, patterned paper, paper flowers and pieces of fabric and lace.
Carol did say she expected something "grungy", so I hope this is grungy enough!


Sherry said...

Pink and Grungy - that's quite a challenge, but you did it! It's lovely.

Katherine said...

She'll love it. It's fab!

Artyfax said...

A really great result. I reckon it will pass muster.

Nicks said...

pink?? nearly as bad as purple and flowers! Love it though and I'm sure carol will