Sunday, 21 September 2008

Altered CD

This is my entry for this month's UK Art Raffle, which is kindly organised by Sarah.
This month's theme is "Take Flight". I'm sure there will be plenty of birds and butterflies, but I like to be different so I've made a witch on her broomstick.
The background is an altered CD which I've covered with card, ink, tissue paper and Mod Podge with a few stamped bits. I've punched holes in it for the loop at the top and the dangly bits at the bottom and added eyelets. The witch is made from a moulded clay face, fabric, lace and printed images, with a broomstick made from a cocktail stick, wire and cotton. I've added beaded wire at the top to hang it from and fibres and beads at the bottom.
I've put two photos on as the detail didn't show up very well on the photo of the whole thing.


Dee said...

This is brilliant. Dee x

Hazel said...

This is fantastic. What a cool take on the theme :D

Viola said...

Super, Sian!!

Sarah said...

received today - and she is fantastic - I want to keep her!!!!!

thank you very much for my black cat pin too - it's very me :)

Nicks said...

wow as always!