Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Metallic ATCs

Cazro is hosting an Olympic Medals swap on the Docrafts forum, the idea being to make ATCs in shades of bronze, silver and gold. Normally I am very organised and make all my ATCs in deadline order, but I love metallics and couldn't resist doing these straight away.
I won't go into too many details of how I made them, but I used moulded heads which I made a while back and altered a bit. The bronze one I made and then ran over with a toy car to get the stripes, the silver one has a mirror frangment embedded in its forehead adn I have reshaped the gold one to make it long and thin and given it antlers made from wire. I stuck them onto textured backgrounds and painted the with acrylic paint.
I've used all kinds of bits and pieces on these including mesh, embossing powder, micro beads, kitchen foil, eggshells and Grungeboard.

Now I need to behave myself and get back to doing my August and September birthday ATCs, otherwise nobody will like me anymore!


Snuppeline said...

Whatever you do, I will always like you! (And be your biggest fan!) I love these three metallic atc's. Really fun to se all the small details on them.Who would ever get the idea to run them over with a toycar other than you? These are great!!

joey said...

these are a wonderful set of atcs sian! i was wondering where you had gone lol.x

My name is CINDY...... said...

Wow these are great.