Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Some More Metal and Friendly Plastic

I've been doing some metal embossing again. These are embossed aluminium coloured with alcohol inks. The bacground on the left one is inked and stamped. On the one on the right I've added a marbled Friendly Plastic piece that I made ages ago and hadn't got around to using yet.

I'm doing well at the moment. I think my inspiration has finally returned after deserting me for almost a year. Now I just need to get back to doing something other than ATCs...
(The lower one is cut straight, I promise! It's my photography that's wonky.)


Clarky J said...

Hi Sian this looks Fab! Ive made something with the tile from your demo at Geordieland meet if you want to hop on over to my blog for a look!

SueC said...

Hi Sian
Two more fabulous atc's. Can I ask how you have done the silver on the red one. Is it written with silver pen?
Thanks Sue

SueC said...

Sorry, just read it again - it's embossed metal - doh!!

sam21ski said...

Both are fab but the red one is excellent - glad your inspiration has returned, have missed your posts xxxx