Monday, 3 March 2008

Friendly Plastic

Due to an ATC swap I've joined, I've recently been doing a lot of experimenting with Friendly Plastic and have managed to get myself completely hooked. I can't seem to stop playing with it, which is rather worrying considering it's not cheap! (I need some more but will have to wait until next payday!)
Anyway, these are some of my creations.



OMG Sian, your FP is simply amazing. You could easily sell your stuff.
Beautiful xxxx

Angie said...

Fabulous work Sian , and i agree with Margaret.

Jinny say's said...

OHHHHHH love your FP work and your Encaustics and your ATCS-love it, love it , love it!!
Super Blog- How you get your encaustic as header title?? God I must be thick lol xxx

duckface said...

wish my friendly plastic was as friendly as yours - you have done just amazing work

Mooneybeams said...

These are all fab, and I'm the lucky recipient of one of them (the long thin spiky one) - I love your style with FP!