Monday, 20 April 2009

Encaustic Art

Told you I'd been busy!  These are some encuastic art ATCs that I managed to do on Saturday morning before it got too hot in the conservatory!  

I'm putting a few in my trading album (link on the right) if anyone's interested.

The Sun is Shining!

The weather has been beautiful here over the last couple of weeks, and it's made me feel a hundred times better!

I've made these sunny ATCs for another swap on ATCs for All.  They're  all hand drawn or painted and I've done them all in different styles.  The top left one was done using coloured pencils and a black pen.  The top right was done using Promarkers and a black pen.

I used acrylic paints for the middle left and the bottom one, and the middle right one was done using a gold marker and watercolours.


I'm still alive!  I haven't blogged for a while because I've been really busy over the Easter holidays.  The boys were incredibly well behaved for once - I don't think we gave them chance not to!  I've had some time off work and we've had lots of days out, so I'm now feeling all refreshed (although I'm sure that feeling will vanish on Thursday when I Go back to work!)

I have still been finding them time to make a few ATCs, and these are some I made for a mixed media flower swap on the ATCs for All forum.  

One day I will manage to sit down for long enough to complete some of the bigger projects I have on the go.  I apologise to the people I owe RR journal pages to.  I'd rather do them when I have a bit more free time than rush them and mess them up!