Thursday, 27 March 2008

Clay, Textures and some more FP

I've been having fun playing with clay and making some weird and wonderful(?) ATCs. I got the reptile skin textures by pressing the clay against some of my children's toys (dragons). I like having boys!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Domino Pendant

This is a domino pendant I've made for a swap. I've used alcohol inks, Anita's Clear Gloss Finish, wire and beads.

UTEE and Textures

I've been playing with UTEE and textures (and some lovely red ink). The first one is UTEE over a stamped background with the image stamped into it (and a few micro beads around the edges for added interest). This one's for an embossing swap I've joined - I hope UTEE is OK!

This one's for a one to one swap for someone who requested a textured ATC. The main image is stamped and then I've added UTEE over the top. The textured background was created by sticking various items on with PVA glue, ie. various types of mesh (I've got a thing about mesh at the moment), micro beads, etc. and then painting over the top with black acrylic paint and going over the top with a metallic rub-on.

Monday, 24 March 2008

One Stamp, 5 ATCs

I'm hosting a swap on the Docrafts Forum entitled "One Stamp, 5 ATCs". I don't think I really need to explain what it's all about! These are my entries for the swap:

(1) Stamped into UTEE with copper embossing powder over the top. Metalllic rub-on on top to give a slightly tarnished look.

(2) Stamped into Funky Foam with metallic rub-ons over the top.
(3) Stamped on shrink plastic and colourwed on the back with Brilliance ink. Background made using Glitz Spritz sprays.

(4) Stamped into 3 layers of Fantasy Film with fusible fibres behind and layered onto two colours of sparkly fabric mesh on a black background.
(5) Stamped into air dry clay, painted with silver acrylic paint and a black acrylic/PVA wash over the top.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Couple More ATCs

These are a couple I did just before I started feeling yucky. The bottom one is a clay face with torn up bits of book page over the top and then painted with acrylic and PVA. I have done the same on the frame, backed it with aluminium mesh , and the Wings are Friendly Plastic. The top one has a Cosmic Shimmer Powder background (on black) with 3 layers of UTEE over the top and the image stamped into it in black Stazon. The Stamp is from Crafty Individuals, and I think this one works really well with the UTEE.


Just when I'd pretty much given up all hope of seeing any snow stick this year, it decides to come down on Easter Sunday! So, this is what I was doing this morning. The best thing about snow in spring is that snowmen can have hair! No comment on the other bits - you can tell I've got boys (and I don't mean because they're in the picture.)
I haven't been very productive on the art front over the last week or so as I've been hit by flu. I'm just getting over it now so will hopefully have some more things to add soon.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Still Painting

I did some more last night, in acrylics this time. I've never painted with acrylics before (apart from in a splodging it on kind of way or solid blocks of colour) so (although I know these are no masterpieces) I'm quite pleased with how well they've turned out. Again I would welcome any advice or constructive criticism as I would like to improve.

I found a desk!

Hmmmm. I decided to tidy up my mess this morning, and you'll never guess what! Underneath it all I've found a whole desk. I started at 9.30 this morning and have only just finished. Never again!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Been Painting

I'm doing an ATC swap which involves doing some "real" art, so for my first ATC I've decided to try my hand at watercolours. I've based this loosely on a photo I found on the internet. I don't really think I've done it justice but I'm quite pleased with the result considering I've hardly done any painting at all since leaving school.
I would be glad of any advice or constructive criticism, but please go easy on me as I've had no artistic training beyond GCSE level .

Lacking in Inspiration

After two weeks of feeling grotty, I'm finding myself completely lacking in inspiration. I've hardly made anything in all that time and now I'm starting to feel a little bit better but my inspiration has gone!

I made these three ATCs yesterday for a woman themed swap. The first one is rubber stamped on a distress ink background, the middle one is rubber stamped on an inked background with acrylic paint and distress inks around the edges, and the last one has a textured background (using different types of mesh and heated PVA and acrylic), with the image stamped into Makin's clay. I painted over the top with acrylic paint and then went over that with metallic rub-on.

I now need to do some painted ATCs (not my strong point) and don't know where to start!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

I'm still suffering from a nasty cold/flu lurgy, but I do seem to be gradually improving at last. I've decided it's time to force myself to get back in the swing of things, so have started by doing what I love best - experimenting.
This is an ATC made using a combination of Friendly Plastic and fusible film with a few accent beads thrown on for good measure. The background was made using a combination of tissue paper, Brilliance inks, Glitz Spritz sprays and silver embossing powder (well, I DID say I was experimenting).

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Jigsaw Jam Swap

I've recently been involved in a jigsaw jam swap and got my final piece back this morning.
Thank you very much to Angie, Jinny, Wendy, Sherry and Trudy for some fantastic jiggy bits. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.
I photographed it on black mountboard but intend to do a canvas for it over the next few weeks. I can't decide what colour background it needs at the moment, although I'm swinging towards black with bits of copper and gold.
I'll put a piccy up once I've finished it.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Friendly Plastic

Due to an ATC swap I've joined, I've recently been doing a lot of experimenting with Friendly Plastic and have managed to get myself completely hooked. I can't seem to stop playing with it, which is rather worrying considering it's not cheap! (I need some more but will have to wait until next payday!)
Anyway, these are some of my creations.

My 1000th ATC

I recently made my 1000th ATC!! I've been making them for just under a year and a half, so that works out at over two a day. (Yeek!)

This one's made entirely from Friendly Plastic and embellished with various types of mesh, wire and gems. I sent it to a crafting buddy of mine, Nicks, because she's such a huge inspiration to me. You can check out her work here:

At Last!

Well, I've been trying to get around to posting on here for a few months now, but have been putting it off and finding excuses. Anyway, I ran out of excuses so here I am at last. As mentioned in my profile, one of my main passions is making and swapping ATCs, so I thought I'd start off by posting some pictures of some of my recent creations. I hope you like them!