Sunday, 10 May 2009

Pastel Colours

Yay!  I'm on a roll now!  These ATCs are for Cazro's colour swap on DoCrafts, which is pastel colours for this month.  It was a good opportunity to try out some of my new acquisitions - some of the new Adirondack lights alcohol inks (well actually I got the whole set of lights, but it was a good deal), and some great background stamps from Crafty Individuals.

I've used Brilliance inks for the background stamping on these, so they're nice and shimmery, which unfortunately doesn't show up in the photos.

I also bought some more new stamps, Cosmic Shimmer Mist, Friendly Plastic,  embossing metal and tools, pearly paints and Grungepaper, so watch this space!

Back on Track (Sort Of!)

Well, I have my desk again (at least until the plastering's done later this week), I can get to some of my stuff (although a lot of it is still trapped behind various pieces of furniture where it's temporarily stashed in the conservatory), and I spent yesterday at the Happy Stampers North West festival at Port Sunlight so have bought a few new things too (well, quite a lot of new things actually).

Anyway, I finally managed to sit down and make some ATCs last night, and the boys are all watching the footy so I have time to blog.

These are for Crafty Critter's Three of a Kind swap on DoCrafts.  The idea of the swap is that you can only use three stamps and three inks on each ATC.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

No Time for Art :(

Well, I have not been very creative lately, the reason being that we have been completely redoing our lounge and dining room.  I have had no desk and all my bits and pieces are in places where I can't get to them.  I have also had only intermittent internet access.  Needless to say, I am very frustrated.  

We're at the stage now where we've had a new floor put in and have redecorated two thirds of the room.  We still need to have one wall replastered and then wait a couple of weeks for it to dry enough to paint it, and we also have lots of flat pack bookshelves to build, but after that we should hopefully be back to something resembling normal.  I've spent the last week moving furniture, climbing up and down ladders and painting (sadly walls, not pictures), so I will be glad when I go to work tomorrow so I can have a rest!  I think I need to sleep for a week.