Sunday, 18 October 2009

Some More Friendly Plastic

I tried something new here and shaped the FP with my hands to create the vines and leaves.  The frog was made using a mould.

Oh,  I actually made something other than an ATC this week too.  Can't post pics of it yet though as it's not gone to the recipient.


sam21ski said...

Fab job, still haven't got round to having a play with this stuff yet!!!

Anonymous said...

This ATC is excellent! what a creative way to use the FP! I'd like to try this myself... ; )

Anonymous said...

That looks really good Sian, I love the leafy trellis effect.

SueC said...

Hi Sian
I read your blog regularly and love what you do with Friendly Plastic - and on atc's too.
It's been ages since I used it - must get it out again.
PS give away on my blog till 31st October.

Unknown said...

Now I have to research Friendly Plastic and get busy doing some!!! You are an inspiration to others dear..