Saturday, 26 July 2008

I Dare You Swap: My Challenge from Nicks

Nicks organised a swap on the Docrafts forum entitled "I Dare You" with the idea being that in groups of five people everyone challenges each member of the group to make them something that's not something they would normally do or that's out of their comfort zone.

This is what I made for Nicks. Nicks challenged me to make her something using a stamp I'd bought and never used. When I looked through my stamps, these Egyptian ones were the only ones I could find that I hadn't used. I have to confess that I've used the Tutanhkhamun one before once but I haven't used any of the others at all.
As I was using Egyptian stamps I decided to do something a bit different and make a pyramid. The photos show various different angles of it, and as you can see it opens up. The pyramid is made from mountboard. The inside is painted in gold acrylic and stamped. The outside is coloured using distress inks and stamped. I had originally planned on holding it together just by slipping a smaller pyramid over the top, but when I tried it it wouldn't stay shut even when I made it bigger and attached things to give it some weight, so I finally settled for the smaller pyramid you can see in the picture and attached some Velcro to hold it in place.

I also attached the Tutankhamun masks which I stamped on shrink plastic .

Inside the pyramid, I stamped around the edges with an arches stamp and hieroglyphics and pattern stamps, and I attached another Tutankhamun mask which I stamped into clay and painted with gold and metallic blue acrylics and added gems for the eyes. I added a bit of distress inked card behind which I stamped with some of the Egyptian images and finally added some micro beads and tiny gems around the edges of the bottom square.


Viv's Visuals said...

this is truly amazing! I love it. A brilliant idea and perfectly executed...x

Sherry said...

Another winner Sian - bet Nicks loves it.

Katherine said...

Wow! Just brilliant!

Nicks said...

Nick does love it and so do her children.. so much so you have started a thing in our house... mum has had to cut the pyramid boxes out.. kids are researching 'Egypt' my makins clay is disappearing as fast as mummy moulds are appearing and google is red hot searching out heiroglyphics!

Thank you Sian!