Monday, 3 November 2008

Spooky Slide Mailer

This is an altered slide mailer that I've been working on over the last couple of weeks. It was originally going to be my replacement entry for October's UK Art Raffle (link on the right) after Matt nicked the first one, but unfortunately I didn't get it finished in time so couldn't enter.

The front cover is stamped into UTEE over black acrylic paint with metallic rub-ons over the top, with heated and embossed copper layered 0n top which I've painted with black acrylic and sanded, a Grungeboard skull painted with acrylic and covered with metallic rub-on and a plastic lizard painted in acrylic with metallic rub-on.

This picture shows a close-up of the detail on the front. (I love my new camera!)

I covered the inside left with tissue paper and painted with acrylic and added metallic rub-on over the top. The letters are stamped into clay and painted with copper acrylic with a black acrylic/PVA wash, and the skeleton is stamped and cut out. The inside right is painted in black acrylic and heated for texture, again with metallic rub-ons over the top. I painted the slide slots in copper acrylic and added a stamped on slide in the right one and some grungy mesh, micro beads, a plastic spider and a Grungeboard skull in the left one.

The back is a thick later of UTEE over black acrylic, which I've stamped into and covered with metallic rub-ons.
To finish it off I added fibres down the middle with a few beads.

This picture is a close-up of the detail on the back.


Mooneybeams said...

Wow! Really gorgeous - I love your metal embossing, and the lizard is great - he looks like cast metal rather than plastic.

That's given me some ideas for the two slide mailer's I've got sitting in a box waiting to be used. . .

WendyK said...

If you want a new home for this to go to, just let me know. I just love it, fabulous work

WendyK said...

If you want a new home for this to go to, just let me know. I just love it, fabulous work

WendyK said...

Sorry, seem to have the hiccups on my computer

Trudy said...

so your saying that matt nicked my prize,,,huh
i am so sorry it did'nt make it into the raffle...cos i would be holding it now...going to go and cry hooo
its really really fantastic...xx

Calv said...

Hi Sian, just found your blog, your work is gorgeous!

I love the work you do with metal, but everything here is just as enjoyable to look at. Thanks for sharing, theres a lot of inspiration here.